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Friday, May 11, 2007

5 AdSense tips to boost your CTR

Text Link Ads

1. Adsense put the higher price ads first. So, when people click the firstads, you will earn more. Try to make your first ads looks more attractive andappealing. Less is better.2. How do you view and read a site? Do you always see the main title which isusually place at the top-left position then move your eyes to the center thento right side? Correct right? Reports show that people will look through awebsite from top-left then center then to the right. So, put your ads at aplace which will caught the eyes of visitors to your site and earn more...3. Put your ads beside a VIDEO on your site. This can attract visitors toclick it. This step can double the CTR of Adsense.4. Try to get more traffic too your site. Try and more readers/visitors and this will RAISE the possibility of clicks onyour ads.5. Climb higher in blog ranking. The best is to get to the TOP. This willensure your blog to get a lot of attention and get more visitors. CTR willboost and of course, more $$.

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