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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Effective ways to get traffic to Blog

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Recently, I'm researching about "How to get traffic to blog?". I tried a lot of stuff including articles submission, changing my blog's template, writing more contents, links exchange campaign, Alexa Train Campaign, and a lot more. I found that it is not a simple task to get traffic to blog by doing all the stuff stated. Although all the stuff I had done doesn't get me good traffic, it gives me a good idea on how to get traffic to my blog.Some effective steps which is proven to be able to get plenty of great traffic to blog everyday!1. Joining Technorati:Technorati is a big online community. It has about 71 millions of blog in their directory. This is a good number for Technorati and a "Good News" for us. We can join Technoratin for Free and ping our blog everytime we update our blog. Our blog will appear at Technorati and thus help you to get a lot of traffic. Besides, you can make good use of the "Tags" function in Technorati. This "Tags" can help to classified your blog. People can easily find your blog using this "Tags".2. Ping every posts using Pinging Services and Articles Submission:I found an interesting discovery on the internet-- more pinging services besides Project Petaling Street. The best thing of all the pinging services I found is that they offer Free Service. One of the very good pinging service I found is This website offer good pinging service (Articles Submission). It is a website having very high Google Page Rank, PR9. This means that it is getting a lot (Really a lot) of traffic. So, you can submit or ping your post to their site and you might have the chance to get some very Good traffic to your site.Another good source of traffic is "Blog Carnival". Blog Carnival is also a Free service. You can "Submit" your blog at Blog Carnival under specific Carnival. You can choose a carnival that suit your post and submit it to them. Blog Carnival has a big collection of articles and blogs. You can get targetted traffic to our site very easily from this site. This is because Blog Carnival has a lot of carnivals for you to choose from.3. Digg It-- Join Digg:Digg is another big online community. There are plenty of news in Digg. You too can join and it's Free too. Join Digg and submit your stories/articles. People in Dig community will come across your articles and can give you Diggs and comments. If your articles are very good, they can "Blog It" at their site. This can help you get traffic but you need to REMEMBER to include your links in your posts.4. Reddit:The small "Robot face" picture at the left hand site of my blog under the "Bookmark" button is Reddit. It is a PR7 site. It is also a big community that you can submit your articles to it. You can visit it at You can see a lot of posts there. they community is very active and they like to leave comments to your posts. Join it for Free and be active. You can watch your traffic grow.5. Leaving Comments in Blogs:Leaving comments in a lot of blogs. You must remember to give them good impression and give opinion sincerely. If possible, don't insult and don't give negative comments. Make friends with them and they will become your constant traffic.6. Configure your Profile:You should configure your Profile in all the communities you join. You can find some place to fill in your blog's address. Fill in all your information in your Profile. Some people like to read others profile and here is a chance to get those people to your site/blog.Apply all these step and you can see the Massive Traffic coming to your blog/site everyday!!!

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