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Friday, May 11, 2007

AdSense and AdWords: Perfect pair for more revenue

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AdSense is the Publishers Program of Google. It helps Bloggers and Webmasters to earn some great revenues by putting Google ads on their Blog or Websites. AdSense Publisher Program is Free to join and it is a best way to earn some pocket money or even become your main source of income every month.AdWords is another program for Advertisers. It is a pay-per-click program, which means that Advertisers will need to par Google certain amount of money when people click on their ads.The combination of these two programs make good source of income for some Publishers. AdWords is helping to get a lot of targetted traffic and help Publishers to get a lot of revenues. The bad thing is that it is a Paid program. So, most people don't dare to take the risk(Like Me).If you are dare enough, you can try Google AdWords to get traffic. It probably will help you multiply 5 your income.AGLOCO the next Big thing Online. Don't Missed the Chance:Join AGLOCO in 5 Simple Steps 1. Sign up2. Download Viewbar 3.Install Viewbar 4.Surf the internet and Get Paid 5. Refer More Friends for More Money

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