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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Link ME Link YOU

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Good day to All,

I'm helding Link Exchange Campaign. This campaign will last for 3 days.
If you are reading this post now and interested to have a Link Exchange with this blog.
The steps are simple:
1. Leave your Link in my "Comments".
2. Add this blog to your blogroll/links.
3. I will check your blog/site for the link.
4. I will add your link to my blog under "Links Exchange Campaign" which you can find at the right sidebar.

*Links Exchange Campaign starts now. Refer your friends too.

Links Exchange can help us increase our community. Sharing our traffic. The final purpose is to get high PR. This is a simple way to Search Engines Optimization.


KeRobinson said...
WOW! I LOVE your blog!
So much to digest I will be back often! Thank You!

tmikuckis said...

AGLOCO-Is-Us said...

Thanks for join me in apsense,
great to see you a member in Agloco, my blog :

John Powell

michael said...

Very informative blog. Congrats

sandpaper said...

Thanks. See u

asynch said...

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Thanks ^^

Gedax said... thank
search in for your link if you cant find. My blog is in Lithuanian.

Alan said...

pls link mi 2 ur blog....thanks

Alan said...

pls link me thanks.

sandpaper said...

You are already linked
Take care. By..

Mysterious Friend said...
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Link exchange.

sandpaper said...

Mysterious friend,
You are linked with me. Yours is an interesting and different Blog. I will try to spare some time in ur blog freequently.


BARBIE said...

Thank You

Ryota said...

Okey, I got it

uma said...

hey this my link i want to exchange

u did a grt work, keep on going i will visit it daily.

sandpaper said...

Thanks Uma
Nice info in ur blog too.
r u from India? The pic itself says that. Am I right.


von said...

Hey friend here is my link

sandpaper said...

Dear von
Thanx for ur interest
You have added in LINK ME LINK YOU.
Have good AdSensing

Bala Subramani said...

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Bala Subramani said...
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ralphswurld said...

hi im ralph i already added you.
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Honey Jain said...

I have added ur blog link to my blog already...pls check it out and my blog link also to ur blog

admin said...

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Alex Greg said...

What about link exchange with my blog ??