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Friday, May 11, 2007

Increase your traffic

Text Link Ads

An important way to increase traffic or visitors to your site is to be very active in Forum.If you are an Adsense member, you can join the forum and start asking people for advise on Adsense. By the way, you can put you links to the post so that people can come to your site...Adsense Forum really help to attract a lot of traffic to site/blog...Other ways to increase traffic to your site:1) You will have to be active in online community like submit articles, submit directories, forums and so on.2)Get your site higher PR(Page Rank) can help increase traffic also. But for me this is quite hard.3)Creating special or unique contents in your site to attract visitors and keep them coming.4)Using RSS Feed. Provide your visitors updated info about your site each time you update.Track your visitors with Channels:i) What Is Channels: How To use channels?

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