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Friday, May 11, 2007

Steps to get started with Adsense

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Step 1:--> Decide what contents will you want to post in your blog/site. Conentrateon ONLY 1 topic and write everything about it. You may write about yourinterest, hobbies, or anything you are expert in. Giving services such asadvice, information(loans, education, real estate), and others. If you aregoing to write Diary then it is quite difficult to earn from Adsense.Step 2:--> Building your blog/site. One of the very user-friendly blog builder isBlogger ( Blogger provides several choices oftemplate to choose from and it is a FREE service. It is now updated with dragand drop function where users don't need to mess with HTML code.Step 3:--> Sign Up for Adsense. Setup the Ads, Copy and paste the code to your siteHTML. DONE!!!You can now start earn money from Adsense.Step 4:--> Getting traffic. This is the toughest part. Getting a lot of traffic needa lot of works. You need to join plenty of community on the web. But if youhave plenty of friends, do introduce your site/blog to them. This will helpyou get traffic too.How To Get More Traffic:

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