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Friday, May 11, 2007

Increase traffic using PING

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By using Ping, you are actually informing major server that you have updated your site/blog. Thus, Pinging your site/blog can help you increase your site traffic.Below is a list of pinging services avaiable:>>>Pingoat offer pinging to plenty of server. Using pingoat can help you ping a lot of server in a few seconds only. The disadvantage is that you are allow to ping the same address only once per day.>>>Ping-o-matic offer good pinging service. You can Bookmark the result page of the ping and when you want to ping when you update your site. Just click the Bookmark address and it will ping automatically. No Need to re-type yur site address and site name again.>>>King Ping is another good pinging service. It also ping a lot of server at just a few second.>>>iPING is very easy to use and fast.>>>Ping Feedburner can notify Feedburner about your updated feed.JAPANESE SITE French Blog Pinging only pinging services:

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