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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blog for Unlimited money: Make money with NO investment

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Your blog is your Ultimate Money Machine. With a blog, you can actually earn a lot from the internet without any need of capital. This is great. Why? It is because you can continue Blogging like usual and you can see all the money coming to you very fast. You don't have to be an internet expert to make money online. It is easier than before. You don't need money to get everything started.
Step 1: Start A BlogYou have to choose an interesting topic to write on your blog. You need to be knowledgeable about it. The potential to earn money from your blog is immeasurable. Now, you can't see the results but after applying all this steps, you are ready to get all the big bucks from the internet with your simple effort of Blogging. In addtion, you can get services like PayPerPost. You can also get paid by companies to blog about their products through services like PayPerPost. You do not need to buy for a domain name or getting a paid hosting. There are plenty of Free Services around. One of the good service is Blogger. Blogger is a Free Service which has plenty of integrated functions. Sign Up for the account and you are on the way to get those money. Setting up your blog at Blogger is very simple, you do not need any HTML knowledge and your blog can be built in minutes. The best thing about Blogger is that it is integrated with AdSense. So, you can add AdSense Ads directly in Blogger.
Step 2: Writing Articles and Reviews
Have you ever think of Blogging about other things which is not about your personal life? You like Blogging vey much, why not transform your posts into money equivalent? You can get paid for posts. There are a lot of opportunities on the internet, you can write reviews, surveys, write articles and advertise to make money. Never think of quiting your job because you need a lot of time to make reputation for your site before you are ready to get the BigBucks coming. Some places to get started are Review Stream, Associated Content, PayU2Blog, Helium and Blogitive.
Step 3: Surveys and Get Paid To ProgramsCompanies are willing to pay generously for consumer opinions, new users and leads. Spending a couple of hours a week to sign up for Free websites, filling out survey forms and trying out free trials and new products. This is the easiest way to make money online. One of the good program is I spend a couple hours a week signing up for free websites, filling out short surveys and trying out free trials and it’s been the easiest money I have ever made.
Step 4: Join Affiliates and Sell Product and ServicesJoinning in affiliates is quite good. You do not need a shop, store, starting capitals and so on to earn money from affiliates program. You just need to place the affiliates link on your site and when people click and buy something using that link, you will get commisions. Have a look at CBMall, Chitika Miniomall and Commision Junction.
Step 5: Join Surf and Get Paid ProgramThis is even easier to make money online. You only need to surf the web as usual and you can get money for all your searches. Join AGLOCO. This company is called A Global Company. It pays their members when the surf the web.

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