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Friday, May 11, 2007

Choosing the correct ads format

Text Link Ads

Nowadays, people are scared of ads, blocking all popups and they sometimes keep their eyes closed to banners. Therefore, choosing the correct format of ads to suit your blog is very important.What Should You Do?Simple. as your sign in to Google Adsense, you will come to the ‘Adsense Setup’ tab. This is the place where you choose your ads format and get the code of your ads. Now, according to my little experience by reading through some articles of successful bloggers who earn a lot through Adsense. I came to find that the most successful ads format is the 336x280 Large Rectangle format. This the format, which gets the most clicks and it fits perfectly to major styles of template. Besides that, it is quite big and will get attentions of readers. The second attractive format is 300x250 Medium Rectangle.Here is some of the logic why this format get hi clicks. This is because when readers visit your blog, they are searching for contents, bare in mind that they are not searching for Advertisements. And as a reader, if your posted topics are attractive, then surely he/she will search for additional information and several choices of link, which is relevant to him/her. Here is where your ads play their roles. The ads will act as additional information to readers and if it is relevant, then they will click the ads. Thus, Large Rectangle, which is attractive and shows choices of links, will inevitably catch the readers’ attention to click them.REMEMBER: Stay away from the 468 x 60 ads format! This is because this format do not entice clicks…

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