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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get more clicks by adding ads to the post

Text Link Ads

It is interesting to know that you will get much clicks in the Ads near to your post. Did you see the Ads inside my post? It is easy to add Ads in your post. First of all you Parse your Ad code. What is Parse? Parse is just modifying your Ad code. You may change the angle brackets (<, >) from your Ad code. If you dont know how to do manually, go to the following site, which will Parse your code by free of cost
Next step is important.
Go to your blogs HTML code page and expand the widgets.

To place the Ads next to your posts, type the code as given in bold and paste the parsed Ad code.

To place the Ads after your posts, enter the code given as in bold and paste the parsed Ad code.

Then Save the template. Now you can see the Ads are appearing near or after to your post.


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