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Friday, May 11, 2007

Placing your Ads at the correct place

Text Link Ads

You could try placing at different parts of your blog and then you try to see the effect to your revenue. You might think it is crazy and tiring to do so because different places of placements of ads on your blog need you hours or maybe days and you need to ‘Publish’ your blog over and over again until you get the ‘HOTSPOT’.Let me tell you how:
1. People will start to see a page from the top-left to center and to right. So, you can choose to place your Ads at either one of these three places.
2. When we read a blog, most of our time will stay at the posts of the blog. So, this means that we can write something near the Ads. This will make people stay attention at that place. Possibility of CLICKING the Ads will be a lot more HIGHER.
3. Remember do not place pictures beside your Ads. This is illegal.
4. Another way is to put a Video next to your Ads. Some blogger successfully boost their CTR using this way.

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