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Friday, May 11, 2007

Double your AdSense income

Text Link Ads

4 Tips to Increase CTRs:Match your AdSense to your website:You want your AdSense ads to appear as seamless as possible. Blend every aspect of AdSense ads to the theme/template of your website. Remember to remove the border of your Ads. Make your Ads as a part of your page. DO NOT make it too attractive that will tell people that it is an Ads. Try to insert it also in your Ads in your posts.Eg: if your web site has a white background and the default color of your links is blue you will want to remove the border from your AdSense, make the background white, choose either a large rectangle as your ad format instead of a skyscraper or banner, because large rectangle is the best Ads format ever! It gets the most CLICKS!Placement:The place you put the AdSense ads is just as important. Take not of the Tips below:•The more white space/empty space around your ads the better•The closer to the top of the page the better.•The closer the left of the page the betterFollow these concepts and I can assure you that you will see an increase in your AdSense click thru rate. (Easy!)Tracking:Tracking your CTRs is very important! Use the service provided in your Adsense Account, Channels! You need to know What is Attracting your Visitors before you get more bucks! Set up a few Google AdSense channels for the different ads on your site. Then just see which channels are working the best and stick to those.That is it! Follow the Tips here and do it as soon as possible. You will be seeing your Revenue Skyrocket!!!Enjoy!

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