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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Free short domain names

Text Link Ads is providing .tk domain names at no cost. You can link your existing sites/blogs with .tk domains. I have done it. My blog is now available in
Really looking good. I think the offer is only for short period. Try immediately.


पर्यानाद said...

Nice blog. Please allow me to add this blog in my favourite list. That .tk domain names are only available for 30 days. If you read their offer closely, its quite apparent that .tk is marketing its services.... so nothing special about it & Yes I’m agree with your point of view to have an independent blog site but you know it very well that in India most of the people wont like to pay for their blogs. Its getting popular ‘coz its free of cast. So I don't think anything coming with some expanse is ever going to popular in this country. I suggest you to focus on open source services & you will see more people are reading your blogs. Nice shot....Happy Blogging.

sandpaper said...

Thanks for the comments. You can add my blog to your favourite list without my permission.
Happy blogging and have a good day

PISETH said...

I had recently get this short domain for my website too. Thank you for sharing.