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Monday, September 17, 2007

Make your blog Independent!

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To keep the identity of your blog, it is better you float the blog independently. Did you got anything? If not I will explain it. See the name of my blog. It is Actually I am a subordiante of Blogspt. There are lot of controls and regulations are in blog. (Not in the content part, but in the design part). If it is something lkie, then it gives a message that it is independant. The advantage of earlier one is that is absolutely free. regardding the later one, you have to pay a little bit.
I am actually planning to move on an independant blog. To become independent you need a host server to keep your site. You dont need to buy a server to host your site. There are companies who help you to host your site on payment basis. As in every where ther are good companies and fake companies in the market.
Foer the last some days I am in search of a good company to host my site. I found a company named , which provides different plans to choose.
The custom bulit virtual panel and instant provisioning VR are very user friendly. Depends on the storage, bandwith and ratio of the Virtual Server the monthly rate varies.
The Virtual Server is useful for Developers, Webmasters, Technologists, Hobbiests, Consumers and Businesses.


.::[ Mani Karthik ]::. said...

Good decision Sandpaper..

Having your own domain name is really good and it will help you in more than one way.


paulius said...

Ok, so here‘s the point. While browsing through the various forums and blogs I stumble upon the message saying that you can make money just using e-gold account and investing only 6$. Yeah, right.... However, „what do I have to lose“ I tell myself.
So, the idea – I have this e-gold account that I use for buying stuff on the net. In that message it says that I have (of course if I want to) to transfer 1$ to each of the following e-gold accounts:

1. 2928337.
2. 3308977.
3. 3685287.
4. 4228614.
5. 4883297
6. 4883433

Only one dollar – what kind of risk is that. But, the point is that, after the transfers are done, I have to delete the first account number from the list, and because at this point the list moves by one step up, I have to enter my account number as the last (step 6). Then I have to spread the news! I mean – tell everyone about it on every blog. The more people sees my message and gets hooked up on the idea and starts transfering one dollar to each of these accounts and after that enters their account number in the list and starts spreading the message in their own forums and blogs all over again – i get paid. Why? Because everone who‘s involved in this game gets paid, because everyone‘s transfering that freaking one dollar. I think what they want to say is that the more people gets hooked on this the more money you can receive. You get the idea, right?

My question: Is this thing possible?? Or is it just another scam?:)

Maybe I should go and try

Afterall – 6$.



sandpaper said...

I m sorry. I have no idea on that. I will look into it and tell you when i recieve some useful information on that. Thanx for your interest in my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey.. Have a story to share, without worrying about revealing urself ?.. Tell it to the virtual world... let the world know your story but not your identity. :) Enjoyy!