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Friday, May 11, 2007

How "Tweak" your Ads to make them "Click"?

Text Link Ads

Ad Formats: "Dress" your ads smart!How would you like your ads to look like? What appearance do you wish your ads to give your visitors when visitors come to your site? Would you want your ads to be Banners? Skyscrapers? Rectangles? Squares? And what about the borders and background colors of your ads?The ch stick on the default ads format. Do you think that this will assure success in Adsense? The ads are your products/duck that lay golden eggs. If you feel LAZY to feed your duck, then How many GOLDEN EGGS will you get? The answer is simple, ZERO eggs. The concept is thesame in adsense. Try to be more hard working to design your ads because your ads on your site is the DOOR to Adsense SUCCESS!You might ask HOW?I will make it easy for you:1. Blend your Ads. Make them don't look like ads!---> Blend means make your ads look like a part of your site. Make the color of your ads identical to your site's color. Use the same font for your ads and your site. Use the same font color too. Camouflage your ads!2. Text ads is the Best!---> People nowadays are blind to advertisement. So, use text ads. This can be inetegrated into your site and it is less obvious to be known as Advertisements! Text ads are also not space consuming, so your site will not look cluttered with ads.3. Use Best Performing Ads Formats:---> Large Rectangle, Medium Rectangle and half banner. These formats are the Best because they contain plenty of words and descriptions. This will make them look like your site's contents.4. Placements:---> Placing your ads on your right hand side is better. As I said, people are lazy. Most of the time our mouse cursor will be at right hand side as most people are using right hand to handle the mouse. Therefore, Click-Through-Rates(CTR) will be higher if your ads are situated on the right.Hopefully with all the experience I have and the tips I wrote here can help you MAXIMIZE your Adsense Revenue.

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