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Friday, May 11, 2007

Diversify your revenue

Text Link Ads

Most of the people find it hard to earn revenue from blog or site using advertising programmes such as Google AdSense. This is a clear scenario because I myself also find it quite hard to earn good from advertising programmes.In this post, I will discuss about how to diversified your income or revenue using different stream of source and several high paying programmes available on the web.1. Do not put your eggs in single basket--divide it into smal groups.First, if you really find it hard to earn from one single programme then you should consider Joinning Several Programmes available on the web. Some of the good programmes to join are affiliates programmes such as Text-Link-Ads and other publishers programmes such as Bidvertiser. By joinning in several programmes, you are actually earning revenues from several source and when all the revenues are added up, you are earning faster and more.Several affialites to be considered are:i. Text Link Adsii. Forex Affialiatesiii. Amazoniv. e-bay*For me I'm joinning Text-Link-Ads.2. Create more sites or blogs.When you have a single site/blog which earn you $1.00 per day, you can consider setting up more sites/blogs. For example, you have a site/blog which help you earn $1.00 per day. If you setup 10 sites/blogs, you are actually earning $10.00 per day and that is 10 times more revenue generated per day.*This is a very effective way to generate more revenues and it is used by a lot of successful AdSense Pros.3. Get More Traffic with Less EffortYou do not need to be "crazy" to go to tell all the people around you that you have a site/blog and ask them to click the advertisements for you to help you earn more. You can tell the world about your blog very easily by joinning some Google Groups. Just posts some questions and ask for opinions or reviews. Then, you will discover that you suddenly get a lot of traffic to your blog/site. In addition, you no need to pay even a peny to join the Groups.Best Google Groups To Join:i. Blogger Help Group AdSense Help Blogger Community tips to come...

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