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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Increase Traffic

Text Link Ads

Regarding traffic I am publishing my 3rd post today. But I think this must come first.

1. CONTENT - Whenever think on traffic, think about the CONTENT first. If you have sufficient content, people will come and read your blog/site. The content should be worth enough and it should be valuable to others.
2. KEYWORDS - Use apt keywords for your blog/site. Find out most popular keywords suitable for your bog/site.
3. LINKING - There are 2 types of linking. Internal and External. Internal link refer to the internal linking of web pages in your blog/site. External link define the blog/site that are linking to your blog/site.
4. UPDATE - Update your blog/site regularly. Otherwise people will not come to your blog/site.
5. RESPONSE - Respond to the posts and e-mails sent by your viewers. Begin your day with checking e-mails and posts and respond to them as quick as possible.
6. EASE OF USE - You must use common layouts, characteristics, terminology in your blog/site. It will help the vistors to use your blog/site easily. Less scrolling and key word search feature will increse the easiness.

Dont you think this post must come forst? If you think comment YES or NO.

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Greenleaf said...

Hi, thanks for leaving comments in my blog. I would like to ask the meaning of "recst", I don't get the meaning. ;-)

Happy AdSensing and make more money from AdSense.

sandpaper said...

I meant "recast". Sorry for the trouble

Jay said...

I would like to exchange links with your site. Please let me know if you are interested. My blog is

sandpaper said...

Thanks for your interest. You are added in my list. Have good day.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your support

v4veer said...

Thnx a lot...hope it'll help me in gettting more traffic on my blog.