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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar released.

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Today is the end of longwaiting. AGLOCO has released the Viewbar today. I have downloaded the Viewbar and started viewing. The Ads not yet started to display. AGLOCO is a global community where the members are the owners of the community. It pays for the time you browse in the internet. The main attraction of AGLOCO is you dont need to design or create a web site or blog to run the Viewbar. Just get the membership and down load the Viewbar. You can also earn by referring others. You will also get a share from your referreals. Not yet joined AGLOCO? Join now....

1 comment:

drcpa said...

hi there , how r u

finally agloco give us that viewbar

i have a blog 2 i hope thatt we share our thoughts